Classic Single Strap Line

Our classic line of strap furniture is a time tested, practical design for commericial pool side seating. It is light and stackable, which makes it ideal for furniture that needs to be stored off season, or put away for a storm. It's durable and the most inexpensive to repair and refinish when the time comes.


Classic Double Strap Line

Our Classic line of double strap furniture offers all of the features and benefits of our Classic single strap line, but with a stiffer more robust seating platform.


R-Line Single Strap Furniture

The R-Line Wave Lounge is for those who want the stackable feature, durability, and inexpensive refinishing and repair costs of strap furniture, but also want something that looks different and interesting. This commercial grade lounge is available in a 16" High Boy as well as a 19" Extra High Boy.


S-Line Double Strap Furniture

Also available in our line of sling furniture. The same ultra durable frame is adapted for double strapping. The S-Line frame offers a designer quality frame at a fraction of the cost.


B-Series Double Strap Furniture

Made of the same aluminum extrusion as our classic lines, with a little added style and detail. Setting you apart from standard commercial pool furniture for not much more in cost.