Classic Sling Furniture

Our classic line of sling furniture is our most economically priced line of sling furniture. It is made to match our classic line of strap furniture. They are all stackable, and made with commercial use in mind.


I-Series Sling Furniture

Our most affordable sling line for the quality. The frame is made from .062" thick 100% pure aluminum extrusions. (Most manufactures use .047" thick aluminum for similar furniture) A great option if your looking to upgrade to sling furniture, but would like to save a little money. Also a great option if you need to put your furniture away during certain times of the year. The I-Series Sling Dining Chair and Stackable lounge both stack very easily for efficient storage.


S-Line Sling Furniture

Our S-Line outdoor furniture is brand name designer quality furniture at a fraction of the cost. Frames are made from 1 1/4" thick round 100% pure aluminum extrusions. Arms are made from thick cast aluminum, for added durability and add a very high quality feel to the lounge. This furniture is built to last. With regular care and maintenance this furniture should last a life time.


E-Line Sling Furniture

Very similar in quality to our S-Line, the E-Line offers an elegant designer quality lounge at a fraction of the cost. The frames are made from .75" x 2.25" .062" thick 100% pure aluminum extrusions. Not only is this lounge a very elegant and visually appealing option, but it is built to take the heavy abuse of hotels and resorts. E-Line lounges can be made with or without wheels, so guest can easily move them around without damaging the furniture or your pool deck. This line is also stackable.

D-Series Sling Furniture

Our D-series is modern, light weight set of outdoor furniture, that is becoming very popular with resorts and condominiums. The chairs are great for restaurant type settings, because they are stackable and light weight allowing them to be easily moved around and stored.

K-Line Sling Furniture

The K-Line of sling furniture is made from the same durable 1 1/4" Round extrusion as our S-Line. It offers a modern looking set of sling furniture that is stackable for ease of use in a commercial setting.

M-Line Sling Furniture

The M-line is an extremely durable, heavy line of sling furniture that is built to last. It has a very modern look that will giver you a fresh updated look around your pool.

Z-line Sling Furniture

The Z-line is our newest line of sling furniture that we offer. It is constructed unlike any of our other furniture, using sections of CNC cut sheet metal. This gives the furniture a truly unique look that will really give you something special and different at your pool or dining area.