Dog approved patio furniture restoration in Naples, FL

Here is a set of furniture that we restored for a customer here in Naples being inspected by the customers dog. This dog is very well trained in patio furniture inspection! You can see in the photo he is checking the sling seams to ensure that they were double sewn. This good boy deserves a treat!

Frame: Java II

Sling : Fancy Filiigre

Patio Furniture Powder Coated in FT. Myers, FL

This is a set we did recently for a customer in Ft. Myers, FL. The old finish on the furniture was ready for restoration, but the slings were still in good shape. The customer really liked here existing slings and wanted to save them, so we were able to remove them intact, restore the frames, and reinstall the original slings to save the customer a little money.

Frame: Bronze Age III

Commercial Pool Furniture Restoration in Naples, FL

Here is a commercial job that we did over the summer. We did a combination of new replacement furniture and restoration of the existing furniture for this condominium association. All of the tables and chairs were in great shape structurally so we restored all of them, the outdated looking lounges were replaced with brand new highboy chaise lounges.

Frame: 201 Sky White

Strap: 2” 201 White

Sling Furniture Powder Coated in Naples, FL

This is another set of sling furniture that we powder coated and made new slings for here in Naples, FL. The old paint was sandblasted off, a brand new finish was powder coated on the aluminum frames, new fabric was cut and sewn into new slings, and the final product was delivered right back to the customer. A great update to their patio for not a lot of money compared to replacing with new.

Frame: Tex. Black

A job we did 15 years ago!

An old customer recently called us back to powder coat some more furniture in her condo on the beach in Naples. She showed us the other set of furniture that we powder coated for her 15 years ago. The photos below are pieces of furniture that we powder coated way back then. The finish still looks like it just came out of our oven. This is a great example of the extra work we put into our surface preparation, and the high quality materials we use paying off big time for our customer.

Frame Color: LC Bronze

Antique Medallion Patio Furniture Refurbished in Naples, FL

This is an antique set of Medallion patio furniture that a customer of ours was handed down by a relative. We were able to bring this antique set of Medallion furniture back to its former glory, with a fresh powder coat finish, new vinyl strapping, and new wheels on the lounges.

Frame: Luna

Strap: 224 off white w/ dusty blue accents

Metal Patio Furniture Powder Coated in Naples

Here is a very nice set of cast aluminum patio furniture that we sandblasted and powder coated for a customer here in Naples, FL. A well applied powder coat finish should last 10-20 years in this environment. With the cost savings over replacing something like this, it is well worth it to extend the life of your furniture for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Frame: Bronze Age III

New Commercial Grade Patio Furniture for Condominiums in Naples

Here is a pretty good sized set of new furniture and umbrellas that we made for a condominium association here in Naples over the summer. All of the metal frames are made from 100% pure extruded aluminum, so they will never rust and will heavily resist oxidation. Everything is custom powder coated and strapped by us to match and coordinate with whatever look you are trying to achieve.

Frame: Mocha

Strap: 237 Putty

Umbrella Canopy: Aruba

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Refinsihed in Naples

Here is a classic set of cast aluminum out door furniture that we refinished for a customer here in Naples, FL. The set was oxidizing and causing the old finish to flake and fall off. We were able to sandblast everything down to the bare aluminum and powder coat it all to look just like a brand new set.

Frame: Speckled Oak

Before and after restoration and restrapping

Here is a side by side shot of 2 Medallion chaise lounges. The one on the left hasn’t been refinished for about 10 years. You can see the toll the sun takes on this furniture as it is left out on the pool deck year round. The lounge on the right looks bright and new with a fresh powder coat finish and brand new vinyl strapping.

Frame: 201 Sky White

Strap: 201 White

Sling Patio Furniture Powder Coated and Reslung in Bonita Springs

This is another classic set of sling furniture that we powder coated and made new slings for in Bonita Springs. The old finish was completely flaking off, and the slings were faded and torn. After restoring the aluminum frames, and a new set of slings this set is looking just as if they had purchased brand new.

Frame: Tex. Black

Sling: Graphite

Iron Patio Furniture Recoated in Naples, FL

Here is a set of iron furniture that we powder coated for customer here in Naples. We don't see nearly as much iron furniture here in Southwest Florida as we do aluminum because of how susceptible to rust iron is in our extremely humid and rainy environment we have here. Never the less, if this furniture is kept out of the rain it should hold up great.

Frame: Sliverado II

Sling Outdoor Barstools Powdercoated in Naples

Here are some sling outdoor barstools that we restored for a customer here in Naples. The customer had just bought a lot of new patio furniture and their existing barstools no longer matched the new set. They were still in great shape, so they had us powder coat and resling them match the furniture they had purchased.

Frame: Tex. Black

Sling: Chinchilla