Was your furniture sandblasted?

This is some furniture that we did not do that I came across this week. It was refinished within the last 2 years by another company and the finish is already beginning to peel off. We could clearly see that the other company did not sandblast the old finish off before they powder coated.

This is why we always take the time to do the job right and completely sandblast the old finish off before prepping and applying a new finish. Your new finish is only as good as the prep work that is done underneath it. We have seen a lot of work from other companies where they have either did not sandblasted at all, or have “fast blasted” the old finish. This means they sand blasted the old finish just enough to rough it up, but not remove it. This will often result in a finish that looks good on delivery, but will always have adhesion issues in the very near future.

This is why we are able to warranty all of our finishes that we do. Make sure if you are going to spend the money that you choose a company that will do the work right!