Metal Outdoor Dining Set Restored in Naples, FL

Here is a very nice cast aluminum dining set that we restored for a customer here in Naples. This customer is remodeling their entire pool deck, and wanted to have their existing patio set painted to match the new colors of their pavers and pool. We handled the whole job from pick up to delivery, to get their set back to them with a fresh updated look.

Frame: Sliver Rock Hammer

Commercial Pool Furniture Restored for Condominium Association

Here is a very standard set of pool furniture that you typically see at condominium association pools here in Florida. Most of this stuff is really well made and the aluminum frames will last much longer than the original powder coat finish and vinyl straps can hold up to the Florida sun. We pick it all up, sandblast and powder coat the frames, apply new vinyl straps, and new glides to the feet to get it looking like new. For the fiberglass top tables we restore the bases and replace the existing tops with a whole new fiberglass top. This gets the furniture looking like new again, and expands the life of the quality furniture that they paid a lot of money for back when it was new.

Frame: 201 White

Strap: 2" 201 White w/ 216 Royal Blue Accents

Wrought Iron Furniture Restoration in Bonita Springs, FL

Here is a wrought iron outdoor dining set that we repainted for a customer in Bonita Springs, FL. The old finish was fading and the furniture was rusting. All of the old paint and rust was sandblasted away, before we primed and powder coated the pieces to restore them to original condition.

Frame: Bronze Age III

Country Club Dining Area Furniture Restoration

Here is some furniture that we restored for a local Country Club here in Naples for their outdoor dining area. They have a large are outside of their clubhouse restaurant with quite a bit of outdoor furniture at it. We were able to save the club a lot of money over replacing the furniture by having it all restored.

Frame: Java II

Sling: FP-001 Desert

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture in Autumn Woods Naples

This was a nice set of cast aluminum patio furniture that we restored for a customer here in Naples, FL. The set was about 10 years old and the old paint was flaking off quite badly. We restored it to look like new with a highly durable powder coat finish, so it can last in the Florida sun for another 15-20 years.

Frame: Luna

Sling Patio Furniture for Condo in Naples, FL

Here is a set of Tropitone Sling Patio furniture that we redid for a high rise condo in Pelican Bay here in Naples. Tropitone is a very well know high end brand, so we saved them substantial money over replacing with anything of similar quality. Their slings were actually in great shape so we were able to reuse them saving them additional money. Just a fresh coat of paint after being taken apart and sandblasted gets this condominiums pool furniture looking great again.

Frame: 224 Off White

Sling Mesh Furniture in North Port, FL

North Port is usually out of the area that we serve with pick up and delivery, however this customer came all the way down to Naples to tour our factory and wanted us to do the job. So, we went to North Port to do this job for this customer as well as his brother in law. Both had very nice sets of sling furniture that they couldn't justify throwing away when they got old because of the good money that they spent on them when buying new. We refinished and reslung everything, bringing the patio furniture back to looking like new.

Frame: Java II

Sling: FP-017 Natural

Patio Furnture Repainted on Marco Island

Here is a set of classic cast aluminum patio furniture that repainted for a customer on Marco island. This is a very well made set that we refinish all the time. The old finish was sandblasted off, and a new powder coat finish was applied here in our factory in Naples. Delivered back to the customer looking like new.

Frame: Mocha

Fort Myers Beach Resort Pool Furniture Restored

This was a very large job of about 200 pieces of furniture that we restored for a resort on Fort Myers Beach. We restored all of the tables, chairs, and lounges at their pool, as well as all of furniture that they keep on the lawn and various other places on the property. It looks like they bought all new furniture, but they did it at a substantial savings.

Frame: Luna

Strap: 2" 224 Off White w/ 232 Adobe Accents

Frame: 201 White

Strap: 2" 201 White