Refinishing of High Quality Outdoor Furniture in Naples

This was a really unique set of Telescope cast aluminum patio furniture that we restored for a customer in the Moorings here in Naples. You don't come across a set like this very often. Definitely something that makes this amazing outdoor space really stand out. The frames were all still in really great shape, it was just the old finish that was starting to loosen, flake off, and fade. After having us sandblast, prime, and powder coat all of the furniture, the patio is back to looking like the day the furniture was bought.

Frame: Moccasin

New Commercial Patio Furniture on Marco Island

This is some new pool side furniture that we made for a condo pool on Marco Island. This condo has been slowly replacing all of the old low seated strap furniture at their pool over the past few years. We have been making about 10 new lounges and 10 new chairs for them in the same color as their old furniture, so they can slowly phase the old furniture out and the new furniture in.

Frame: 224 Off White

Strap: 242 w/ 224 accents

Sling Patio Furniture Redone on Marco Island, FL

Here is a set of sling patio furniture that we restored for a customer on Marco Island. As you can see from the photos, there is a limited amount of space on their balcony. So, finding another set that fit the space so well would have been very difficult. Luckily they had bought a very good quality set the first time around, so it was well worth restoring when the slings began to rip, and the finish began to flake off.

We also were able to sell this customer a couple of new chaise lounges that we powder coated and slung to match everything else we restored for them exactly.

Frame: Luna

Sling: FT-118 Mozambique


Metal set of Pool Furniture Repainted in Ft. Myers, FL

Here is another set of cast aluminum patio furniture that we powder coated for a customer in Ft. Myers, FL. The old finish was completely flaking off, and the metal underneath was turning white with oxidation. We sandblasted all of the old paint and oxidation off, and powder coated everything to look just like new.

Frame: Luna

New Pool Furniture for Golf Community In Naples

This is a new set of our I-series sling furniture that we made for golf community here in Naples. Last year we made all new furniture for the pool at their country club, this year we made all new matching furniture for the various satellite pools that they have scattered around the community.

 This is a great line of furniture for country clubs, because just like all of our other sling patio furniture it is extremely well made and will stand up to the heavy use and abuse of a commercial setting, but it is also stackable, so it can be put out of the way if not need and stored easily in off season.

Frame: Speckled Oak

Sling: FT-111 Chesterfield

Designer Outdoor Patio Furniture Restored in Naples, FL

This was a very nice set of Winston patio furniture that we restored for a customer here in Naples. This was a combination of very heavy cast aluminum lounge sets, and sling furniture that the finish was beginning to fade and flake off on. This is the type of furniture that will last several lifetimes, and is a very simple decision to restore it over buying new. Just to give you an idea, this customer told me that they paid $48,000.00 for this set 10 years ago. With that kind of price tag, it is a no brainer to restore this beautiful set.

Frame: Bronze Age III

Large Restoration Project for Beach Club Furniture

This was part of a very large restoration project we did for the Bay Colony Beach Club here in Naples. About 200 pieces in all including, tables, chairs, and barstools. They have a very nice set of Brown Jordan sling patio furniture that they use at there poolside dining and bar area, that we have restored multiple times in different colors to keep things looking fresh and new at this upscale beach resort club.

Frame: 201 White

Sling: FX-427 Jade Green

New Slings for Outdoor Furniture in Naples, FL

Here is a very nice set of sling outdoor furniture that we reslung for a customer in Mediterra here in Naples. Quite often with sling furniture, the sling will wear out and begin to tear before the finish starts to flake off and fail. We regularly make and install new slings for customers to save them the money of having to refinish or even replace the entire piece.

Sling: Dense Pearl

Iron Patio Furniture Restoration

This was a classic set of iron lanai furniture that we restored for a customer in East Naples. When restoring iron furniture the prep work is key. The old finish and all of the surface oxidation must be removed, and the surface must be cleaned before the powder coat finishing process. Iron furniture is always prone to rusting here in the humid southwest Florida climate, but proper prep work will stave the rust off as long as possible.

Frame: 224 Off White

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Painted in Bonita Springs, FL

Cast aluminum patio furniture is the best thing you can put on your patio here in southwest Florida. You don't have to worry about your furniture getting blown around on your patio, it will never rust, and the frame work will last a life time. It can be the most expensive type of furniture to buy upfront, but with occasional refinishing it will last a lifetime.

Frame: Speckled Oak

High End Outdoor Furniture Set Restoration in Naples

This is another set of very high quality outdoor furniture that was restored for a customer here in Naples, FL. When the old paint is chipping off on a quality set like this, it is always worth salvaging. A brand new powder coat finish with a new sling all handled start to finish by us, has this patio looking fresh and new again.