Sling Outdoor Furniture Restoreation in Bointa Springs

Here is another set of sling patio furniture that we powder coated and made new slings for in Bonita Springs. Frames were completely sandblasted and powder coated. New slings were made and installed before the set was delivered back to the customer. Every job is handled entirely by us from start to finish to ensure the highest quality product.

Frame: Java II

Sling: Matrix

Sample Sling Dining Chair

Here is a sample chair we did for large condominium job in Bonita Bay. We often do prototype pieces like this for larger jobs, so the customer can see exactly what they are going to get. This customer ended up going with different colors on the final job, but I really thought these sample colors turned out cool.

Frame Color: Storm Blue Hammer

Sling: Shoreline

Sling Patio Furniture in Naples, FL

Here is a set of sling patio furniture that we powder coated and reslung for a customer here in Naples, FL. We have been doing work for this customer for many years. Keeping his existing patio furniture updated and in like new condition keeps his outdoor spaces looking fresh and clean all year round.

Frame Color: 219 Grey

Sling: F2-219 Grey

Condominium Pool Furniture Restored in Bonita Bay

Here is a good sized job we did for a high rise pool in Bonita Bay. We have been repairing this customers furniture for many years, but it was finally time to give the pool a complete update. The old dark green finish was sandblasted off, and we re powder coated and reslung everything in updated colors and fabrics. It would cost about 4 times as much to replace this line of Tropitone Brasilia with new of the same quality.

Frame Color: Luna

Sling: Sapphire

New Slings for Patio Furniture in Naples, FL

Here is a set of sling chaise lounges that we made brand new slings for here in Naples, FL. Slings will tend to fade, rip, and tear over time, especially here in SW Florida with the summer sun and weather we get here. It’s not worth throwing your quality patio furniture out over a worn out sling when you can have a new one made and installed at a fraction of the cost.

Highend Patio Furniture Refinishers in Naples, FL

Here is a designer set of Brown Jordan patio furniture that we restored for a customer in Naples, FL. We have been working all the best brands of patio furniture such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Winston, Woodard, Pompeii, and many others for over 35 years. We are even the designated refinisher for most of these brands when they need warranty work done in our area. You can be sure you are choosing the contractor when you choose us to restore your outdoor furniture.

Frame Color: Speckled Pearl

Commercial Patio Furniture for Condominiums in Naples, FL

This is a mix of new commercial grade sling furniture, and restored vinyl strap furniture that we did for a condominium pool here in Naples. We were able to save this customer a lot of money by restoring what they had, along with adding some new seating in an updated line of sling furniture.

Frame: Textured Linen / 206 Camel

Sling: Pacific Cane Weave

Strap: 206 Camel w/ 214 Turquoise

Patio Furniture Re-Powder Coated in Naples, FL

Another beautiful set of Pompeii cast aluminum patio furniture that we restored for a customer in a condominium in Bay Colony here in Naples. This is a very high end set that would cost many times more to replace with something of similar quality than to refinish. Everything looks just like new on this customers patio without spending the incredibly large amount of money it would take to buy designer grade patio furniture again.

Frame Color: Luna

Custom Cushions in Naples FL

Here is a set of metal outdoor furniture that we restored and made brand new custom cushions for in Naples. This furniture was in some really bad shape. Not only was it very old but it was located right on the back patio of a home on the beach. The salt air can really do a number on anything made of metal. We were able to strip it down to the bare aluminum, refinish everything with a very durable powder coat finish, and replace the old cushions with brand new ones made from Sunbrella fabric.

Frame: Tex. Black

Vintage Patio Furniture Powder Coated with New Cushions in Naples, FL

Here is another set of Meadowcroft furniture that we restored for a customer who lives on the beach in Naples. This furniture was her mothers. She wanted to have it restored both for sentimental reasons, and because it was still in great structural shape. The entire set was sandblasted, powder coated, and brand new custom cushions were made to fit everything perfectly.

Frame Color: 230 Clover